Interfaith Articles

The Sacred may be known as Higher Self, God/Goddess, Holy Spirit, Source, Nature, Mother/Father/Creator, Great Spirit, Divine Feminine, Consciousness, Universe, and other names/expressions that embodied the highest frequency of love, compassion, and light. Developing a natural, heart centered-relationship with the Sacred informs relationship with Nature, the Earth, and each other. This nourishing, inner relationship (connection, communication, and communion) facilitates heart-body, soul, spirit healing and human (Hu/Light manifesting) development. We are able to “power up” receiving Light/frequency, guidance, and resources for our daily life evolving to our fullest potential and expression of truth. Ascended Masters of different cultures and religions exemplify this natural, inherent, heart-centered relationship (e.g., Quan Yin, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Gautama Buddha, and more).

Relationship with the Sacred

Respect, support/advocacy, and heart-centered engagement with one another is foundational for building relationship and compassionate action within the IHC community and in the world.

  • Interfaith, as a faith, that we each encounter the Sacred in our own way that leads us to live from a heart-centered way of being united in our common humanity to act with love, compassion, and respect.
  • The healing power of the Sacred.
  • Holding intention and aspiring for the highest frequency, highest good, doing not harm as exemplified by the ascended masters (e.g., Quan Yin, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Gautama Buddha, and others).
  • Expanding the definition of self to include self as others (i.e., family, community, and Earth/environment).
  • Cultivating the ability to access inner wisdom receiving guidance and resources from the Sacred for greater clarity, insight, truthful expression, and prosperity in daily living to contribute to personal and collective development and healing.
  • Being/living in heart-centered, relationship with the Sacred and expressing this relationship in our words, actions, choices, and decisions.
  • As a extension of the heart-centered, relationship with the Sacred, actively practicing altruistic, social/environmental stewardship: uplifting humanity, resolving issues that contribute to suffering, and helping to preserve the Earth.