Leadership Program

Leadership & Sustainable Community Design

Certificate Program

There is no subject more captivating, more worthy of study, than nature.” ~ Nikola Tesla

The Nature Studies Conservatory is an evolving, diverse learning community. Students and instructors learn, develop, and work together using contemplative methods, intersectional studies, applied research, and ancestral indigenous wisdoms to create new innovative strategies. We build collaborative relationships (mutual commitment, trust, and respect) with individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities for achieving a shared collective vision—sustainable evolution. These blended learning retreats include online course material and study groups.

The Leadership certificate program provides extensive training to become effective altruistic stewards and change agents engaging in social-environmental activism and co-creating restorative communities. Students can also cross-register to complete an independent study, practicum, internship, or residency-based studies for your undergraduate/graduate degree program. 

Culture-infused ecological, social, and economic transformation  

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Collaborative
  • Experiential
  • Research
  • Community Ecopreneurship: Eco-Commerce & Corporate-Organization Partnerships
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Development

Interdisciplinary Community-Based Learning 

Transformative, experiential-based learning/education and research

  • Leadership development: education, training, practicums, mentorship, and community service projects for local and global eco-based renewal.
  • Pluralistic epistemologies development: contemplative studies, inner inquiry, and ancestral-indigenous wisdoms to access effective solutions and new ways of being in relationship with oneself, others, and the Earth/environment.
  • Community learning: practice altruistic social-environmental activism and stewardship
  • Field studies: learning from the world around us via local and international learning experientials to build diverse partnerships and skills development to revitalize our own communities.
  • Community building: contribute to the COS Collaborative and the NSC’s intentional community development.

Leadership Capstone Project

Startup Community & Economy
The Leadership program and capstone project is designed to effectively support students in unifying vision to co-create sustainable, restorative local-global communities. The curriculum includes a social eco-preneurship startup community with a hybrid co-operative and incubator. We help students to develop an eco-based vision/mission, clarify strengths and needs, and design practical strategies/tools. Assistance and resources are provided for increasing economic, housing, and food security; while, reducing the individual-collective carbon footprint and general over-consumption. This program helps to increase altruistic presence and resources in underserved, disadvantage, and BIPOC communities while contributing to the restoration of the planet.

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