Our Board

The Nature Studies Conservatory is served by a diverse Board of Directors.

Rev. Dr. Myra Miller, PhD CHHC
Dr. Miller is the founder of the Nature Studies Conservatory. She is an ordained minister and serves as the NSC’s Spiritual Director. Dr. Miller is also an ecology-oriented researcher and educator as well as a certified holistic health consultant and therapist. She has a doctorate degree in Transpersonal Psychology. Extensive education/training in Eastern and Western traditional healthcare, indigenous wisdom traditions, the healing arts, mind-body therapies, yoga, and fitness has informed her relationship-based view of health, wellbeing, and healing. Dr. Miller’s work involves a cultural, ancestral-indigenous approach to address oppression, heal trauma, and help reduce heightened risks for chronic health conditions and impaired immunity in the BIPOC community. Currently, she is conducting research related to nature, relationship, ancestral-indigenous healing self-practices, and restorative communities. She is also a public speaker and facilitates classes, courses, workshops, and immersion retreats. Her work is balanced with travel, writing, invitational presentations, and undergraduate/graduate level teaching.

Dr. Valentine McKay-Riddell, PhD MATP
Dr. McKay-Riddell brings her extensive experience in education, research, and non-profit organizations to the NSC board. She is a shamanic wellness counselor, an author, and an artist. In addition to her private practice, Dr. McKay-Riddell is the founder and Executive Director of Orenda Healing International, an nonprofit research and service organization with outreach into the Southwestern United States, California, and the Northern Pacific Coast. Since 1992, her work at Orenda has been to promote the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet through grounded research and service in critical fields of interest, including the arts, spirituality, psychology, and practical living skills. Dr. McKay-Riddell is also the founder and editor of the Four Winds Journal, an online and printed publication supporting local and global positive change. Orenda Healing International publishes the Journal twice a year (Spring and Fall) through their publishing company, Winds of Change Press. She is the author of The River Goddess & Other Stories, the first book of The Alyssa Chronicles, a fantasy/magic realism series for young adults.

Ms. Danielle Romer
Ms. Romer brings to the NSC board many years of experience serving as a founder, CEO, and an active board member of various businesses and organizations for more than 20 years. As the owner and CEO of DaRo Life Coach Services, she helps women who have experienced trauma related to abusive relationships. Ms. Romer is the founder and chairperson of Haitian Support Increscent, a non-profit serving Haitian families. She is also the chairperson for Readerfest, where writers and inspiring writers from under-represented communities are encouraged to connect with experienced members of the literary world through meetups, workshops, and conferences. Ms. Romer is an experienced community outreach coordinator, support group/workshop facilitator, panelist, speaker, and trainer in the Caribbean and across the United States. As a child advocate and community activist, her key issues of focus include social justice, child abuse, domestic violence, violence against women and family issues in general. In 2020, as a published author of articles, poems, and inspirational quotes; she was one of contributors for a community book project “365 Days of Gratitude.”

Dr. Raymond Vado, MD
Dr. Vado brings his experience as a physician and a researcher to the NSC board. He has been involved with the Conservatory since its inception in 2012. Dr. Vado’s expertise in conventional, functional, and complementary/alternative medicine also contributes to NSC’s work to assist BIPOC in reducing risk for impaired immunity and health conditions related chronic stress and trauma. Dr. Vado is a compassionate medical doctor with over 10 years of clinical research experience (i.e., cardiology, oncology, endocrinology, and neuroscience, infectious diseases, and women’s health). When not busy with work, he enjoys family time with his wife and son.