Restoring Relationship

“Life is an ecological balance, which encompasses everything.

The Nature Studies Conservatory, Interfaith Healing Center and Educational Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization/public charity and a comprehensive resource dedicated to altruistic social-environmental activism, stewardship, and community partnership for the healing of humanity and the planet. The Conservatory provides programs, education, services, and resources as a form of “applied, heart-centered relationship” to optimize health and wellbeing, improve the quality of life, and offer assistance in achieving one’s full potential. We provide free/donation-based, holistic health sessions and courses to help people heal from oppression and trauma (personal, intergenerational, transgenerational, ancestral, community, cultural, and historical). We also assist in eradicating systemic racism via the Harmony Project, offering safe space to explore and release beliefs as well as to heal trauma that contribute to micro-/macro-aggressions and other harmful actions against one another.

The NSC also engages in collaborative community partnerships with an emphasis on serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities for personal and collective empowerment and sustainable/regenerative social-economic restoration. Personal and professional development courses are an integration of research, ancestral-indigenous wisdoms, and contemplative studies. We also provide community leadership training and resources to contribute to economic equity, housing equality, and healthy food security. The NSC’s offerings support BIPOC in their work to heal, develop, grow/expand, and experience freedom to live fully from truth, creative purpose, and prosperity.

Sustainable Culture

Evolving sustainable culture via connection with nature and relationship, we create new experiences that can act as a catalyst to galvanize our local-global communities toward regenerative existence. Our community-based work draws from ancestral-indigenous wisdoms and interdisciplinary/intersectional research; conservation, environmental, and transpersonal psychology; neuroendocrine immunology; physiology; physics; and ancient, medicine systems. The NSC integrates research and the sciences with the development of multiple ways of knowing (pluralistic epistemologies and noēsis) inner awareness, wisdom, and direct knowing as well as intuition. This approach informs our programs, education, and services as well as the Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach. The COS Project involves the work of individuals, organizations, and businesses to develop innovative models and methods toward social-economic-environmental justice and stewardship.

As we learn about ourselves and our environment, it changes how we see and experience the world; it changes our relationship with self, others, and Nature, the Earth. Relationship anchors our humanity; it is the foundation of identity and community development. The quality of our relationships affects health and wellbeing; art/design, science, and tech advancement; and social, cultural, and consciousness evolution.

Our Offerings:

Contact us to learn more about our courses and retreats. Currently, all courses are provided via video-conferencing (i.e., Zoom). Our online resources contribute to local and global community building and renewal; while, supporting safe and well guidelines.