Guided Weekend Immersions

Contemplative Studies: Developing Restorative Relationships

Those who contemplate the beauty of earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” ~ Rachel Carson

Being immersed in nature provides numerous health benefits, a slower pace, a rest from demanding mental-physical activities, and often enhances awareness with moments of insightful clarity. Nature provides space to create emotional balance and for inner exploration and self-discovery; which, contribute to the vision and motivation for achieving our goals. As a restorative environment, nature rebalances the mind-body and heightens our ability to access unexpected solutions for life’s challenges.

Immersion Retreats


An individual, guided retreat for restoring emotional balance and replenishing the mind-body-spirit. This customized immersion may include silent meditation, spiritual-consciousness studies, addressing life and health problems, yoga, qi gong, cleansing, developing a restorative practice or other options.


A small group, guided retreat for addressing personal life and health challenges in the context of heart-centered connection and relationship. The healing immersion includes contemplative inquiry, spiritual-consciousness studies, and holistic healing modalities for insight, guidance, and renewal.


A small group, guided retreat for deepening awareness and creating mind-body-heart/soul alignment. Spiritual-consciousness experientials are provided to access inner resources and hone the ability to receive clear internal guidance as well as to resolve blockages and imbalances that may show up as life challenges and health concerns.

These immersions offer sanctuary for deep restoration. Each group immersion includes individual sessions to provide personalized support; additional 1:1 online sessions are available. Contact us to learn more or to plan an immersion specific to your needs or the needs of your group/organization.