Harmony Project

Restoring Relationship, Healing Community

Nature: The Sacred, Natural Design, & Relationship

Evolving sustainable culture via connection with nature and relationship, we create new experiences that can act as a catalyst to galvanize our local-global communities toward regenerative existence. The Harmony Project was initiated to help nourish our connection and relationship with Nature, natural cycles, rhythms, flows drawing from ancestral-indigenous wisdom, ancient light healing technologies and self-practices, and relational/folk/ethno-botany. This intention informs our Natural Design: Holistic Health & Healing approach to restoring relationship/community and contributing to the renewal of humanity. Holistic health and healing also address our experience as Spirit embodied and discovering deeper awareness of self and the true nature of our existence. This includes creating balance and maintaining fluidity (natural ebb and flow) in our emotional states, states of consciousness, and navigation of everyday experiences and challenge. Workshops, classes, groups, and nature immersion retreats support personal healing work for rematriation, reclamation, and re-storying of individual, ancestral/family, and collective narrative and experiences.

The Harmony Project consists of: 

  • Heart Journeys: A Path to Personal & Collective Healing
  • BIPOC Healing Community: Nature, Ancestral-Indigenous Wisdoms, Health, & Liberation
  • Culture of Sustainability (COS) Collaborative & Leadership Program
  • Living Sanctuary Intentional Healing Community

Heart Journeys: A Path to Personal & Collective Healing includes an introduction session and a monthly healing group that assists with emotional pain/wounding and soul loss from oppression and trauma (personal, intergenerational, transgenerational, ancestral, community, cultural, and historical) while nourishing the mind-body-spirit to experience restoration, growth, development, peace, balance, and a revitalizing living environment that supports whole life health and wellbeing. Unhealed trauma may create challenges with health conditions, social interactions, relationships, communications, and contribute to micro-/macro-aggressions and other harmful actions against one another. Individual work in supportive community nourishes the heart-soul, deepens inner relationship, and cultivates altruistic, reciprocal relationships with others further developing vibrant connection. One-to-one sessions also are available for a more in-depth focus.

BIPOC Healing CommunityNature, Ancestral Wisdoms, Health/Wellbeing, and Liberation includes services, a life group, workshops, and nature immersion retreats for restoration and healing from personal-transgenerational oppression. The NSC has emphasis on serving BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) for personal and collective empowerment and sustainable/regenerative social-economic restoration including economic equity, housing equality, and healthy food security. The NSC’s offerings support BIPOC in the personal-collective work to heal, develop, grow/expand, and experience freedom to live fully from truth, creative purpose, and prosperity.

The Culture of Sustainability (COS) Collaborative involves the work of individuals, organizations, businesses, and communities to develop innovative models and methods toward social-economic-environmental justice and stewardship. The Collaborative is an evolving, diverse learning community. People learn, develop, and work together drawing from experientials of ancestral indigenous wisdoms, heart journeys, inner inquiry, noetic/multiple ways of knowing, applied research, and intersectional studies to create new innovative strategies. The Sustainable Community Design (SCD) Leadership certificate program provides nature-based, holistic relationship and community building training to become effective altruistic stewards and change agents engaging in social-economic- environmental activism and co-creating restorative communities. 

The COS Collaborative and the SCD Leadership program are instrumental in the development of the Living Sanctuary Healing Community, an intentional community/land trust (with conservancy and preservation) that includes resources to help reduce healthy housing/food insecurity and economic disparity. This nature-relational BIPOC-supportive, green-sustainable/carbon neutral/regenerative intentional community is being co-created via collaborative partnerships. Our Leadership certificate program also will provide students with an opportunity to contribute to the intentional community’s development. Contact us to learn more and participate in the Harmony Project!