Culture of Sustainability Project

Culture is beyond definition and limitation – a concept or a box. It is the living, evolving soul of the people.” ~ Dr. M.J. Miller

Relationship & Restoration: A Model for Community Healing

Research & Model Development

The Conservatory is vested in restoring life giving resources and systems. We explore aligning with the Earth’s natural rhythms and processes (i.e., biomimicry) to inspire innovative ideas and collaboratively create solutions that advance a restorative relationship with the planet. The Culture of Sustainability (COS) Outreach Project involves individuals, organizations, and businesses interested in unifying vision to co-create sustainable local/global communities. We address the intersectionality of multi-layered issues that not only affect the planet’s ecosystems and resources; but, also social-economic development; health and wellbeing; and our quality of life. The connection between societal structure and relationship development has far reaching implications in co-creating a sustainable culture that is harmonized with the environment. We engage in dialogue to develop effective strategies, models, and tools for reducing our collective carbon footprint and general over-consumption. Our work is to increase altruistic relationship and contribute to the healing of communities and the Earth.

Intentional Communities

The COS project includes a community land trust for land conservancy and preservation as well as to help reduce healthy housing/food insecurity and economic disparity. We are establishing a BIPOC-supportive, green-sustainable/zero carbon/regenerative, intentional community assisted by collaborative partnerships. Our Leadership certificate program also will provide students with an opportunity to contribute to the Intentional Community’s development.

Contact us for more information and to get involved! We would like to hear about your organization and to discuss working together for a common goal of local-global sustainability.