The Conservatory

Evolving as a Thriving Green-Sustainable Culture

We seek to not only minimize our ecological footprint, but to change our relationship with the Earth, our environment.

The Nature Studies Conservatory (NSC) was created to help facilitate the recovery of our planet and local-global communities. We provide community education and resources to improve quality of life and optimizing whole life health and wellbeing. Our focus is building restorative relationships with the environment (mind-body, family, partner/friends, home/workplace, local-global community, and Nature/the Earth).

Options for our nature immersion studies:

  • Weekend Retreats
  • Personal Courses
  • Community Classes
  • Study-Abroad, Leadership Certificate Program

Our leadership program:

  • Develops innovative green strategies using individual and community-based methods of inquiry.
  • Facilitates social, economic, and environmental stewardship.
  • Maximizes personal and community resources via entrepreneurship, the arts, science, and technology.

Our comprehensive approach addresses the multi-layered issues that not only affect the planet’s ecosystems and resources; but, also social-economic development; health and wellbeing; and our quality of life. The connection between societal structure and relationship development has far reaching implications in co-creating a sustainable culture that is harmonized with the environment.

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