Natural Relationship & Healing

28-Day Personal Course

*online, phone, and onsite options

For many people, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, difficulty sleeping, pain, and health conditions have become a regular part of day-to-day living. These holistic sessions give you strategies and tools to create restorative space: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for a healthy, sustainable way of being. You receive guidance to restore mental-emotional balance; alleviate chronic health problems; and improve personal relationships and job-related/social interactions. This approach addresses seven areas of life and development that lay the foundation for an improved, more vibrant, quality of life. Holistic development deepens awareness and insight; facilitates discovery; builds upon personal strengths; deepens inner relationship; seeds creative prosperity; and fortifies internal motivation for long-term change.

Key takeaways?

You’ll be able to walk away with:

  • Overview of the body’s underlying challenges when we attempt to make lifestyle or habit changes
  • A “non-doing” approach to shift feeling stuck/overwhelmed or a lack of motivation/consistency
  • Tools (including meditation) to gain clarity and successfully move forward with holistic alignment
  • Techniques for reducing inflammation, strengthening immunity, and optimizing overall health

Who/what is this course good for?

These therapeutic sessions are for people who want positive change; but, feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed with keeping up with life. The sessions are also for people who have tried different methods, techniques, and practices; but, feel challenged with staying connected or engaged and consistent. Receive help to create restorative space internally as well as within in your lifestyle and home/office.

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